Erin and baby "I"

Another fab shoot for my final project! Here’s the star of our show:

And a couple of shots of his older sisters, who were a big help!

He got sleepy, which was soooo sweet and gave me the best images!!

Isn’t mom gorgeous?!?

Isn’t he so handsome?? I photographed A LOT of baby girls while I was in the east bay, this was one of the only boys and I had so much fun! Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Erin and baby "I"

  1. DeadEyeDev says:

    Incredible pictures! I am Erin’s brother…and I know how much she and Jason love these pics! Can you tell me what camera gear you were shooting with? I dabble with a little photography and would love to know.


  2. gabriel ryan says:

    oh my goodness!! that 2nd picture is seriously breathtaking. i know i am saying this about a little girl but she is insanely adorable and the lighting in all of these are beautiful!!


  3. Brooke says:

    ahhhhh, I LOVE them :o) the close up of his chubby little arm where you see his cute fat cheek is sooo awesome, and mom and sisters are GORGEOUS! The pics are all just fabulous (as usual ;o) how are you suppose to pick just one or 2 for your project?!?!?!

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