Kaiizen in Mexico!

Here are a whole ton of pictures from my trip to Mexico! It was such a great trip! We had a huge superhero birthday party for all the kids complete with tons of presents and capes for each of them, cakes, pinatas, and party hats. Yes, I wore a cape all weekend.

We also had a huge pool party and were able to get 2 huge bounce-houses which the kids loved! It was a tiring few days for everyone, but so worth it. It’s all about the kids and it was obvious they enjoyed it!!

By the way, the leadership in Kaiizen (i.e. me, among other people) have committed to raising $500 each by August to support our program in Brazil in which we’re sending several teenagers to school (they graduate next year!). If you’re able or willing to donate please email me at kelli @ kellinicolephoto.com. It’s tax deductible! Thanks!

First, our beloved founder, striking, isn’t he?

Remember, if you’re able to donate please contact me!

5 thoughts on “Kaiizen in Mexico!

  1. Kristin says:

    Great pictures Kelli! They make me so excited that you’ll be here for Ty’s birthday to take lots of awesome pictures for his party!!

  2. david & kimi baxter says:

    holy smokes that first pic has had me laughing for like ever now!!! go speed racer!! go!!

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