Carver family

Sorry it took a few extra days to get these up! Here’s one more installment of the Williams extended family! This is the family that I know and the mom actually helped out A LOT with my twin sister’s wedding 4 years ago. Maybe I’ll get married someday and she can help out with mine :). It was so great to see you all again!!

I had a crazy shooting weekend up in the bay area and I am soooo excited to go through all the pictures! Lots of pics coming this week!

Another Williams Family!

This was actually the first of the Williams clan to be photographed and I got to spend a lot of time goofing off with the 2 older kids and photographing the baby eating sand :). That sand is pretty tasty you know.

I don’t know what we did here, but I must be really funny 🙂

I am so in love with his lips. Please, let me have babies with lips like that someday!
For some reason this really made me laugh when I first saw it!

Williams family

I did a huge extended family shoot up at Manhattan beach as well as individual shoots of each family! It was quite the afternoon! Here’s one part of the beautiful family. I always have a soft spot for twins :). Aren’t they all gorgeous?!