I love this little girl…

…who loves to be ‘nakie’ :). She would prance around in her panties everywhere she goes if she could. She used to hate it when I took her picture, but I guess she’s going through a phase where it’s not too bad. See you in October Chica!

Here she is looking for Dora in my camera 🙂

10 thoughts on “I love this little girl…

  1. Kelli Nicole says:

    LOL Kristin!! I’m laughing so hard at my cute little Chica. And stealing Grethen’s wallet?? LOL. Oh dear. What WILL we do with her?

  2. Kristin says:

    lol at Gretchen! The other day Tessa stole Gretchen’s wallet and hid it in the playhouse. It took her all day to find it.

    Kelli, I LOVE these pictures!!! They are SO Tessa. How adorable—I love that girl!

    Speaking of Chica, the other day in the car I said to Tessa, “Let’s go Chica!” and she laughed and said, “Chica?!?! that’s what KELLI calls me silly!”

  3. Jenna says:

    I taught Swavek the term “Nakie” tonight. He really liked it. That first picture is just awesome. How did you get such expressive nieces and nephews?

  4. GretchieLove says:

    This little girl might be sweet, adorable, and the smartest girl I have ever met..(her mental age is still a mystery) but she is a klepto ! Oh and by the way..I am proud of you…and these are beautiful pictures of Tessa 🙂

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