It’s (Not) Me!

But she does kinda look like me. I braved the freezing cold with my twin sister and her husband for their Christmas card pictures this year for about 20 minutes! We had one spot picked out, but when that fell through (think fences with rolled barbed wire) we stopped by this local shopping center that none of us had ever been to. It worked out wonderfully, but it took about an hour before I could text normally again! I think I need gloves.


I had the chance to photograph my oldest sister’s family a couple of week ago and here are a few of the pictures! I never know what I’m going to get with my own family, as sometimes they run screaming from my camera :). And sometimes the children won’t cooperate either.

Travel dates!

Okay, well, my whole life is traveling. Since I don’t really have a home base right now I thought I’d let you all know where I’ll be available for photo shoots the next little while.

Here we go.

UTAH. I’ll be in the SLC/Utah County area from January 5th-January 26th.

TEXAS anyone? This is my first trip to Texas! I’ll be in the Houston area for a few days, January 28th-February 4th and I can do a few shoots during that time.

At this point I’m planning on being in Northern California for most of the rest of February (with a short trip to Vegas for a photography thing in the middle and a couple possible weddings in SoCal).

If you’d like to schedule a shoot call or email me (click on “contact info” on the right) asap! Thanks!


How cute it this one-month-old chubby guy?? I love his cheeks. He surprised me and was very good for his shoot, despite being a lot older than many of my newborns. There are tons of pictures from this shoot that I love, so we may have to revisit this one šŸ™‚


I’m trying to get back from my blogging hiatus to show you what I’ve been doing!! I’ve had tons of shoots and tons of pictures to show you so I’ll try to blog a little every day. Enjoy these new little guys, about a month old when I photographed them!