The Pout

I have plenty of smiling pictures of this little beauty, but I’m such a sucker for those serious faces. I’m pretty sure my hair wasn’t this long until I was about 9 (and she’s only 2 1/2). More coming soon of the whole family!

Noah at 8 days

Photographing this little guy was fun…and messy! It’s always something you just have to expect when working with naked babies.

Looks peaceful here, doesn’t he? What you don’t know is that he’s making a big mess on that plate :).

However, he was great on the beanbag and didn’t make even one little mess on any of my stuff!

They were nice enough to help me move the couch and take down several framed pictures for these shots!

Clean-up break. While he kept my things spotless he didn’t seem to care so much about his parents…or the carpet.

Mom had this awesome chest they keep toys in (big sister kept trying to get the toys out when we weren’t looking!) and I knew I wanted to use it! This is one of the last shots we got and I think we were all amazed he fell back asleep for this!

It was raining outside, but I just loved this path they have in their backyard so we had baby all bundled up and dad holding an umbrella above him! We had a hat on him for a few, but I just love this one.