This is Houston

Who’s up for a shoot in Houston?? I never knew how much I would love this city, but I do. So far. My BYU photographer friend Whitney who’s in town for a few months wanted to go on a walk along the Buffalo Bayou trail (I think that’s what it’s called) from her apt to downtown so I took my camera along. After about 30 minutes I seriously regretted it, but once we got to the rockin’ parts I was SO happy. These are all taken with my brand spankin’ new Canon 5D Mark II (which I’m in-love with) and the Canon 50 mm 1.2.

These were all either IN downtown or really close to downtown under the overpasses. I LOVE those overpasses.

Please forgive us for being in running clothes with no make-up or showers, but I didn’t expect to love these pictures enough to blog them!

5 thoughts on “This is Houston

  1. Jenna says:

    Oh man, that picture of you in the grass is cheesy portraiture at its best. When are you in Houston again? I really should travel down (maybe next week?) and come down and play with you while I can hitch a free ride with Swavvey. You know I'm dying to model for that 5dm2 of yours 🙂 (oh, ok, and test it out for a bit as well)

  2. rebecca-linh rodgers says:

    you two are too cute. 🙂
    when you get back here– you can come point your camera this way. 😉 see ya soon!

  3. Kristen says:

    Welcome to Texas! I'm in Austin, but grew up in Houston (Spring) and also went to BYU. Love your work, let me know if you come out this way and we can "shoot" Austin together!

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