Scott, Liz, and Will

I knew Liz when we were in high school in the bay area (she was a year ahead of me and at my rival school). I was super delighted to hear last year that she was expecting a baby and it was so great to finally meet her family! Their little boy is SO darling I could barely stand it. Despite the unexpected chilly/misty/windy weather that we often find in San Francisco in the summer he was perfect the whole time.

Aren’t they the cutest family?!? Liz and Scott’s first date was a double with his parents, lol.

A quick stop at Kara’s Cupcakes to warm up also proved to be a great place for pictures!

What do dads do best?? Play! We almost always gets some real fun smiles when dad goofs off.

7 thoughts on “Scott, Liz, and Will

  1. ChrisS says:

    GREAT pictures! So many of the family that I just LOVE that I can't pick a fav. Isn't it nice that your brother thinks so highly of your skills. This baby, however, IS pretty darn cute.

  2. Brooke says:

    Sean, you are so weird 😉 but that is a good question….

    Kelli, these pics are amazing!!! I have so many favorites, I LOVE the black and white one of the baby holding his toes, the twisted tree one where Will is cheesing and mom and dad are looking at eachother, the hugging family one at the end, the one that is focused on Will and mom and dad are in the back ground…see, I could go on and on, just know I think you ROCK!

  3. Sean says:

    OK, serious question from your brother. Your brother who doesn't like kids outside of his family. Seriously. I don't like 99% of them that I'm not related to. It's nothing personal rest of the universe, I just don't like your kids. Really. Please keep them away. Moving on.

    Babies are weird looking. Everyone knows this, but nobody talks about it. They're all hairy or slimy or not hairy enough or they have huge heads or tiny bodies or huge bodies or tiny heads or weird noses or tiny foreheads or sometimes huge fiveheads, their arms are too short or their legs are too long, they're too fat or too skinny, too this or too that. In short, just plain weird. If babies were puppies, most of them would be left at the pound until someone felt sorry for them and took home a pity puppy.

    My question; since these rules don't seem to apply, are you super selective about who you shoot, or are you just that good?

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