Houston Winter Wonderland

It’s not a hurricane… It’s SNOW?!! This will be my first Winter in Houston, TX. It looks like I won’t be able to escape the snow no matter where I live. 🙂

Typically, Houston will get a bit of snow every 4 – 6 years during the Winter. There have been estimates that some areas of Houston will see 4-5″ today. Snowball fight anyone? :).

This is the earliest snow in Houston since 1889. Measurable snow has NEVER been seen in back-to-back winters. We’re breaking records here, people!

See Houston’s Climate History Here

5 thoughts on “Houston Winter Wonderland

  1. Brooke says:

    LOL, I was going to say even Kristin doesn’t have snow yet (or at least hasn’t had any since Halloween!) How fun!!! Did it snow enough to have a snowball fight???

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