E in Pettiskirts

I rarely get to photograph babies around this age (I’d love to have more though ;)) and E was so much fun.  I was so excited to have a little model for the new pettiskirts that I bought!  We picked out both shirts right before the shoot and they just match so perfectly.  E just turned one a couple of months ago, so happy belated birthday!

E was a little freaked out right here sitting in this basket, but I won her over with a hand-puppet.

Can you see the tear?  E let us know she was done being the model, but I was able to sneak a few more in before we headed home!

3 thoughts on “E in Pettiskirts

  1. brooke says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the shadow one SOOO much! It needs to be on a canvas wrapped print, so does the last one with the little tear! I love them all though, the first couple ones next to the flowers that match the skirt are awesome! Can you cram those skirts in your suitcase in June for Ella??? Oh, and they have some pettiskirts at Costco right now, all different colors, I was going to get one (or more) for Ella when I got paid on Thursday, let me know if you are in need of any more in different, there was an awesome teal one that I loved.

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