Baby P

Most of you know that this adorableness is my friend Jenna’s little one!  If you’re interested, you can read part I of her birth story here, part II here, part III here, and part IV here!

I spent a lot of time with the little guy while Jenna slept, so there are a lot of pictures!  Feast your eyes on the cuteness.

One reason why newborns are typically sleeping in pictures:  that’s a nice lazy eye P is giving us.

This next one cracks me up.  Hamming it up for the camera already!  What blue eyes he has!  I know his mama hopes they stay that way.

Jenna said this is her new favorite picture of herself.  P gave us about 15 seconds of calmness to get this shot (after we laughed at him for eating his toes).  Good job P.

This shot had Jenna sweating and breathing recycled air with her head under a blanket!  Totally worth it :).

This is a trunk gifted from Jenna’s Polish in-laws when they were there (in Poland) one Christmas, which I think is so cool!  We weren’t sure he’d fit, but P slept so peacefully when I laid him down on top.

I’ll be so sad when they all move to Chicago in a few months, so I’ll have to go visit them again before they go!  Expect a few pics of P at 3 months in July :).

18 thoughts on “Baby P

  1. CHRIS says:

    I LOVE the B&W version of P in his mother’s hands that you are using in your header. Just stunning. Wow.

  2. Brooke says:

    He is sooooo beautiful!!! I love every single one, I honestly can’t pick a favorite, jenna looks so beautiful and the one of him smiling is just precious!

  3. CHRIS says:

    Beautiful shots Kelli. You are amazing with newborns. I can’t pick a fav, but the last several are perfect!

  4. Jessica says:

    Beautiful! Everyone is just stunning, definitely love the black and white with the smirk on T1’s face and the one bundled up in the blue and white hat is just precious! Amazing work Kelli!

  5. NINA says:

    Wonderful pictures!!!!!!! They are all fantastic but if I had to pick one to blow up the size of Texas it would be the second to last. Beautiful.

  6. Janica says:

    Oh Kelli (and Jenna!), these are just precious. What a beautiful little subject!! Kelli, you have such a knack for newborn shots. High five to both of you!

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