Wyatt Henry

One thing that I love about doing newborn photography is that I get to witness a part of that monumental love parents are discovering when they have their first child.  It was obvious that little Wyatt here has doting parents that just couldn’t wait to get him here to smother him with love.

Their last name is something that belongs in a toolbox, so we placed Wyatt in a toolbox that belonged to his great-grandfather!  Their house was full of cool things that belonged to parents and grandparents.

This wooden bowl is another example!  It belonged to mom’s grandmother (I think, so many cool things I couldn’t keep track of it all).

They loved all the hats, so we made sure to sure lots of them, including some new ones I hadn’t had the chance to pull out yet!

I love the crazy faces I get from newborns when they’re awake!  I find this one hee-larious.

New hat!  And look how perfectly he posed for me.  Good boy.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and your little guy!  Congratulations!

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