Josh and India

I got a call from Josh one Saturday morning hoping to schedule an engagement session with his fiance…that day!  They’re doing the long distance thing and she was only in town for the weekend.  All the crazy downpours we were getting canceled another shoot they had scheduled the day before.  The forecast jumped from a 10% chance of rain to 60% in a matter of hours, but we were able to meet up in the middle of the day and avoid getting rained on!

Don’t they look like the came out of a magazine?  I really get the best clients.

Josh went to Vanderbilt and is now working in Houston while India is in Atlanta.  Long distance sucks, but it looks like they’re handling it well!

India told me they swim, can you tell??  I would kill for those arms.

How cute are they?!  These next few are so sweet.

They wanted to get a shot by the skyline, but when we got to the location it was all blocked off!  After some quick thinking, we settled on doing the last few shots at this spot not too far away.

I love this next shot :).

Lastly…the ring.  Dang.

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