Shannon and Mike

Shannon and I agreed that it would be really fun to do her maternity pictures at the Kemah boardwalk, especially since she lived only minutes away!  We all got up super early and met there before any crowds could get in our way.  As we were walking around chatting I asked about her induction date and she told me it was the next day!  Her doc had originally wanted to do it the day of the shoot, but she managed to convince him to wait one more day :).  So this is officially the closest to a baby’s birthday that I’ve done a maternity shoot!

Pretty sure this next shot is my favorite.  I love her purple nails!

The colors on the boardwalk are so fun and bright!  I’d love to do a shoot there when we can actually get on the rides :).

This is another favorite!  We were walking to the car and I asked for one last shot.  Luckily, laying in the middle of the road isn’t as dangerous so early in the morning.

Baby Jaxson arrived about two full days later and I can’t wait to show you some of his pictures.  He’s absolutely perfect.

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