J&C’s Engagements

When I got out of the car and met J & C I apologized for being such a shorty.  They both towered over me by at least a foot!

Um, yes, they were fun.

We walked down the street to a new spot and they started a rousing game of “I’m not touching you” (anyone who’s spent anytime in a backseat with their siblings should know this one well).

But then they decided they were okay with getting close for a while.

We soon moved onto more mature things, such as slug-bug (according to Koree – I grew up in the south and played it by a different name).

Koree’s view:

My view:

What’s a girl to do when she’s a full 12-16 inches shorter than her clients?  She gets on her boyfriend’s shoulders of course.

They were pretty happy most of the time, but towards the end of the shoot their pouting rivaled most 2-year-olds :).

I had bumped up our shoot just a bit in fear of the storm clouds headed our way, and it turned out to be a good choice!  We were headed back to the car when I asked them to sit down for one last shot.  This is the last shot I pulled off before I heard, “RAIN!!!”

They took cover under a tree.  We took cover under a porch across the street.

The wedding will be here in one short month!  Maybe I should bring a step-stool.

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