Dowdy Family

After being diagnosed with a heart condition in utero, baby C decided to come a few weeks early.  Despite several doctors’ diagnosis, she didn’t need the immediate surgery they thought she would (nor will she ever)!  Everyone was calling her a little miracle baby and doctors would stand over her isolette and discuss her miraculous recovery.   At barely over 4 lbs at the time of the shoot (she was less than 4 lbs at birth!) she was my tiniest newborn to date.  Do you see that little dimple in her chin??  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a newborn with such a deep chin dimple.  I love it!

She had this darling little bracelet…that went all the way up to her shoulder!

Look at these lips!

This green fabric is part of her bedding.  Everything about her room was so adorable and most of the art was made by her mama!

6 thoughts on “Dowdy Family

  1. Brooke says:

    Now I want to see pics of her room, I love that fabric!!! She is a beautiful Miracle baby! I am loving the grey and pink!!!!

  2. Cheryl Petroski says:

    This is my great niece. Isn’t she beautiful? Our miracle baby. We love her and her mommy and daddy. You did an awesome job on the pictures. I can’t wait to see them all.

    Aunt Cheryl

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