Let It Snow!

Kelli, since you have been so busy the past few days weeks months year I thought I would do a guest post…

Remember all the fun making Texas Christmas gingerbread houses? I thought a few others might enjoy your work.
Also, please let me know when the shipment of mistletoe arrives so the IT department can pick it up.  Thanks!

– Mr. C.

P.S. Yea, it’s snowing on your website.


5 thoughts on “Let It Snow!

  1. Sean says:

    Wow, my comment is awaiting moderation. Congrats on the traffic that makes that a necessity. Blasphemer.


    (is it losing meaning yet? because it’s just letters to me at this point)

    • Kelli Nicole says:

      You only needed moderation since you had NEVER commented before. On your own sister’s blog. Geez. Also, I did nearly everything except the porch, and C got lazy, so you can blame him for the triscuits :).

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