This little sweetheart was the perfect ending to a week where I had 5 shoots in 4 days!

Perfect, isn’t she?

I’m a tiny bit obsessed with this next image.  Stunning new mommy; gorgeous, happy babe.  I’m honored I was able to capture this special moment in your life!

12 thoughts on “Shaya

  1. Tahere says:

    I love to be grandma, it is like a dream came true. The last picture of you and Shaya is like two gorgeous angels, this picture is telling a beautiful story.

  2. Mehran says:

    I am proud to be the grandma of this littel beautiful girl and the mom of her gorges mommy. Thanks Kelli you are the best!!!!!!

  3. Elnaz and Shaya says:

    Kelli, thank you so much for these beautiful pictures you took. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I’m so glad Elaine introduced me to you and your beautiful work.

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