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Carver family

Sorry it took a few extra days to get these up! Here's one more installment of the Williams extended family! This is the family that I know and the mom actually helped out A LOT with my twin sister's wedding 4 years ago. Maybe I'll get married someday and she can help out with mine :). It was so great to see you all again!!

I had a crazy shooting weekend up in the bay area and I am soooo excited to go through all the pictures! Lots of pics coming this week!

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  1. I Love the Carvers! I have been waiting to see these!!!

  2. What a gorgeous family. . .and you even got Steve with a real smile. MIRACLE. I’m glad Shan loves these. She should…they ARE freakin’ awesome. I can’t wait for her to see all the ones you didn’t post.

  3. AHHHH, you just get better and better!!! These ROCK!!!!!!!

  4. Love the picture of Crew. Chase is a man/child – why do they have to grow up! Kelli, you rock.

  5. I love the first one, good work!

  6. kelli, you are totally rocking it up right now. i love ALL the recent posts!!!

  7. WOW Kelli! I absolutely love all of them. Beautiful pictures of everyone. Love the one of Steve and the boys!

  8. ha ha that second to last shot is awesome!

  9. The first one is my favorite! So cute! But they are all awesome! Aren’t Shan’s boys cute???!!!

  10. Kelli, LOVE all of them so far! (this is Angi of “Williams family #1”) They are all so beautiful. I can really feel individual personalities coming through! No wonder you are such a busy girl!

  11. Kelli…. Those are freakin’ awesome. You are so amazing! I lOVE the pic of Steve with the houses in the background. Love Abercrombie Chase. Love the black and white of Grant. Love the close up of Steve and I. Love the crazy Crew pic. LOVE THEM ALL !!!!!!

  12. I <3 the Carvers!!!

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