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Dream Baby

8 days and so perfectly perfect. It was so much fun to photograph this little guy. I've photographed his big brother several times and they look so much alike! Here is big brother at 6 weeks old! And here's this little man when he was still in mama's tummy.

warning: I am not responsible for any overly-active ovaries or a sudden longing to have a baby.

Got a few in with Grandma when she came for a visit!

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  1. precious!!!!

  2. So sweet 🙂

    You always get such awesome shots of eyes. These are just adorable.

  3. awe I want a baby… even though I read your disclaimer… you’ll capture my future bundle like this I would just be in delight! just too cute

  4. Thanks everyone! I love the chair too, but sadly it’s not mine!

  5. I love the chair with the cross!! It is so stinking cute!

  6. WOW! Beautiful Kelli. These are so great and show how precious the baby is.

  7. These are so amazing and beautiful! I too love the one on the cross chair and the green hat ones and the dad and baby one–precious!! Ok, I can’t pick a favorite. They are all too good!

  8. Wow, talk about family resemblance! The new little baby looks so much like Liam. Such a cutie!

  9. I LOVE that pic of him on the chair with the cross! Actually, I LOVE them all sooo much I couldn’t pick a favorite if someone stuck a gun to my head ;o) He is beautiful and you captured him in a beautiful way!!!

  10. precious!!! i know who to call when i have babies.

  11. Is the chair with the cross yours? I am not usually a fan of things with crosses but I think it’s perfect for the shoot.

  12. You have the most amazing props ever. I love it!

  13. you’re awesome, Kelli. I won’t say how cute he is – it’s already been said! You did a great job capturing his cuteness ;p

  14. I second Kiki’s comment. SOOOOO cute. He is such a beautiful baby. I LOVE a number of them.

  15. I LOVE the two with the green hat!! So CUTE =)


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