First, a [re]introduction

You haven’t forgotten about my Puerto Vallarta couple have you? They got married a couple of weeks ago in Washington and I got to be there to photograph the historic day! This week will be a fun-filled one of many posts dedicated to J&S. Jenna was my very first ever roommate at BYU (and makes the top 3 list of favorites, out of 32!), so she gets special treatment (she’s also a famous wedding blogger).

To start things off I’ve included a photograph of the lovely couple that I love so dearly. Happy marriage :). Hope you enjoy the posts!

3 thoughts on “First, a [re]introduction

  1. Jenna says:

    Aw Kelli! A whole week of photos? You have me waiting on pins of needles. I knew they would be amazing, but this picture makes me want to cry it is so beautiful!

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