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B Kiddos Sneak Peak

I have barely been able to look at the pics from this shoot so I just grabbed a few that caught my eye.  Such happy kids!  I love the way little Lily clasped her hands together here!  She started cracking up and not even her mom had ever heard her laugh so heartily.

What little girl doesn't like to dress-up?  This one of Evie was particularly adorable.

LOVE this little outfit and that eye contact!  Such a perfect little round face and pink lips.

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  1. Yes, these are friends of mine here in MN. LOVE these pictures!!! They are so adorable. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. Oh my gosh, that first photo is so precious. It would make a GORGEOUS square canvas!

  3. WOW! Terrific. Love them. Is this Kristin’s friend’s family in MN?

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