April – Adorable and With Child

I’ve had some interest in seeing more of my maternity pictures, so you’ll see some this week that never got posted!  I first posted a few of these over a year ago!  My friend April went through the photography program with me at BYU and had an adorable little munchkin that I still haven’t met.

These first ones were all taken in their old apartment in Washington – they had amazing light!

Love these next ones… :).  I imagine every woman who’s been pregnant can appreciate these camera angles!

The boat pictures are my favorite!!  While driving to our next location we shouted when we spotted this row boat in the middle of a field.  It was raining (as you may see), but we ran out and shot as fast as possible.  It made us so happy.

April wanted something different and kind of edgy. She found this way cool location, that worked out great because it protected us from the rain (most of the time)!

April and I ran excitedly around the dirty, abandoned building like children (not that you would usually take children to such a place).  It was different than many of my shoots, but it was awesome.

By this point, it was pouring, but it created a really cool reflective look on the cement outside our hiding spot.  Isn’t her belly the cutest?

When April went into labor I started getting text updates every now and then. I later found out that I was included on the exclusive texting list for the grandmothers – I was equally as excited! 🙂

8 thoughts on “April – Adorable and With Child

  1. brooke says:

    What is up with all these skinny, perfect, beautiful pregnant girls you know?!?! These pictures need to be turned into some kind of contest or something, they are just fabulous!!!!! But way to make another preggo feel self confident about her growing rear end 😉

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