E in Pettiskirts

I rarely get to photograph babies around this age (I’d love to have more though ;)) and E was so much fun.  I was so excited to have a little model for the new pettiskirts that I bought!  We picked out both shirts right before the shoot and they just match so perfectly.  E just turned one a couple of months ago, so happy belated birthday!

E was a little freaked out right here sitting in this basket, but I won her over with a hand-puppet.

Can you see the tear?  E let us know she was done being the model, but I was able to sneak a few more in before we headed home!

A and C’s engagements

I always love shooting at new locations and A & C were so good to me!

There was something new around every corner.

I couldn’t stop telling her how amazing this color looked on her, don’t you agree?!

It was my first time shooting the Houston skyline.  What a great spot!

That One’s Birth

Many of you know one of my favorite friends, Jenna (aka That Wife, aka Mrs. Avocado).  I still remember the day last year (on August 5, btw) when I got a gchat message saying “I just got a positive pregnancy test” from someone in mild shock, I believe.  I worked very hard to keep my schedule mostly free in the middle of April and we both prayed that I would be able to make it.  I did!  Jenna was having several signs of labor so I drove up Sunday morning.  For anyone interested in hearing the whole story and seeing more pictures, I’m sure Jenna will be posting it on her blog in the coming weeks (or months, you know how newborns are).

For now, here are just a few.

And then,

He was here.

And he was beautiful.

April 12, 2010

2:40 pm

8 lbs 4 oz

21 inches

Happy Birthday little guy.


I’ve had some requests, so here ya go!  Some pictures from my trip to Barcelona.

This first one is one of my favorites!

This is the Magic Fountain.  They play music and the fountain changes color and shape.  It was fun to watch and most of the music was American!  We had to stand in the middle of the street for this shot :).

I loved these random children with the balloons :).

I’ll be adding more at my proofing site here.  Create a login if you don’t have one and click on “fine art.”

Come back tomorrow for pictures of Paris!