C Family

This is yet another family that I’ve gotten to see grow up.  My sister used to live right next door to them when these twins were just babies!  I photographed them for the first time when I was doing a school project on twins when they were around 8 months old.

Oh, twinners.

Lewis Family

I’ve photographed the Lewis family the last few years and I really love seeing these kids grow up.  It’s always especially amazing watching the smallest ones go from infants and toddlers to full-blown talking, running, opinionated little people.  These are their pictures from last year.

We started off this shoot on the swings!

Grandma and Grandpa came along and they were a lot of fun.

Those crazy kids!

Once again, it was great to see you all!

M Family

I loved seeing my cousin’s family while I was in California, especially because she had a new addition that I hadn’t met yet!  We got lots of pictures of Lyla since she hadn’t had a photoshoot with cousin Kelli yet!

Don’t you love her hair??  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby this age with so much hair (except for maybe her brother!).

Luke wasn’t quite as easy as his sister to photograph this time, but I think we all agreed that we love this one!

Oh, those cheeks.

So fun to compare Lyla to Luke when he was that age and to see everyone again!