Preston’s family has grown from three to four!  I photographer her older brother last year and I can definitely see some similarities.  She was just as sweet as her brother and I had such a great time!

Preston usually woke up at a certain time every day and when she hadn’t woken up by 8:30 (later than usual) her mom woke her up so she would be awake then and be nice and sleepy for the shoot.  It worked marvelously and when I arrived I had a perfectly sleepy baby to play with!

Do you see the dimple in her left cheek??  So cute.

It was so fun to see Jaxson again (though we had to protect Preston from his 1-year-old lovin’)!  I loved photographing the new sibling of a baby I had photographed as a newborn.  I actually have another session like that tomorrow.

Family last year…

Family now!

It was so wonderful to see you all again and watch your family grow!

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