Konrad, Kristy, & Maddox

Kristy was one gorgeous mama-to-be!  I loved her colorful dress and cute belly.

She doesn’t even look the least bit pregnant from behind!  Geez, skinny lady.

About a month after the maternity shoot Maddox made his way into the world!  Understandably, it was pretty exhausting.

But I think he likes it here.

Favorite!  I love the way Konrad is holding him.  It’s perfect.

Newborn photography is my favorite.  Look at that little face!  Newborns make the cutest faces.  I often laugh out loud while I’m editing pictures after a session.

And nothing is sweeter than a sleeping baby.

2 thoughts on “Konrad, Kristy, & Maddox

  1. rebecca says:

    i need to stop looking at your pictures… they make me want to have another baby just so you can take pictures of him/her!! so cute!!!

  2. CHRIS says:

    Beautiful pictures. Your favorite is one of my favorites, but so is the next to the last one. What a beautiful baby. Nice job….as usual.

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