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This caught my eye a few minutes ago as I'm trying to get things finished for my Africa show next week. I still haven't looked at most of the pictures from my trip, but I am now in love with this one. And with him.

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  1. touchy pic. hope he has a nice life right now.

  2. So sweet, what a doll. I want to hug him

  3. My heart is breaking a little for that little guy. He is so precious. Beautiful picture.

  4. How could you not want to take this little one home and cuddle him every day! So adorable!

  5. This is such a great picture!! He is the cutest and those big brown eyes just make my heart melt for him!!

  6. :o( but it IS a beautiful pic!

  7. Oh those little lips. . . I’d give a million dollars to kiss them every day!

  8. So sweet and sad! I hope you include that one!

  9. oh my. that makes me cry. so sweet.

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